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Please see the attached information about the forthcoming International Ceramics Festival at Aberystwyth. Please note there are discounts available for groups of 12 or more as well as students and people with disabilities who require a free ticket for a carer/helper.

Also this year there is a month long residency opportunity especially for mid career or late adopters of ceramics in Kecskemét, Hungary, but the deadline is very soon-30th April. 

INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS FESTIVAL 2017 Friday 30th June –Sunday 02nd July 2017 Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Mid Wales, UK 

Dear Friends, 

The 2017 International Ceramics Festival is fast approaching and all demonstrators have been confirmed including: David Frith (UK), Anabelí Díaz (Sweden), Gerit Grimm (USA) and Huang Fei (China). A full list of demonstrators is at the end of this email. ICF and International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét Residency Award We are pleased to announce a new exciting residency opportunity in partnership with The International Ceramics Studio (ICS) Kecskemét, Hungary, sponsored by Potclays LTD. Applications are open to ALL ceramic practitioners including mid-career and late adopters of ceramics wishing to work in a rich and cultural environment for one month with accommodation and materials provided. Deadline for applications is 30th April 2017 click ion the link below for more information. Tickets and Discounts: Tickets are on sale with discounts available. Book online or call 01970 62 32 32 


Charles Bound (Wales) was born in New York City in 1939 but did not take up ceramics until 1983, when he set up a studio while teaching and working as a college technician. In 1994 he was gifted with the use of space on a Welsh farm where he could build his own wood fired kiln, which he has been working with since. Antonella Cimatti (Italy) was born in Faenza, and studied ceramics under Carlo Zauli at the Istituto d’Arte (State School of Ceramics) where she has been teaching Design since 1979. She has won many international awards including the Silver Prize at the 2007 Korea International Biennale, and is a member of World Crafts Council Europe. She makes delicate lacy forms with porcelain paper clay. Eddie Curtis (UK) developed an almost obsessive passion to master the very demanding but equally rewarding production of copper red porcelain. This culminated in 2010 with a hugely successful exhibition with his wife Margaret entitled ‘Curtis Red’. Around this same time he paid a chance visit to a stretch of coastline near to his home town. This visit led to a massive change of direction and a consequently inspired his current body of work ‘The Blast Series’. Anabelí Díaz (Sweden) was born in 1975 in Mexico City; she studied ceramics in Sweden where she has lived since the 1990s. Mexican ceramics have always been a source of inspiration to her. She was raised hearing myths about creatures that inhabit the woods, shamanism, curses and the evil eye. She strives to show that every human being is a universe of their own through her large scale figures. Huang Fei (China) is one of the first artists from Jingdezhen to exhibit outside of China. He studied calligraphy, ink wash painting and blue and white painting on porcelain - known as Qing Hua. The major inspiration for his work is nature, which he draws from every day; he is also influenced by Western Impressionist paintings, particularly Monet. David Frith (UK) has a long established pottery business in North Wales producing domestic reduced stoneware with his wife Margaret. Since the late 1990s, David Frith has concentrated on large rounded forms such as bottles and jars as well as large platters with a base celadon glaze. Throughout his career David has been an active member of potter’s organisations including the Craft Potters Association and North Wales Potters. Gerit Grimm (USA) was born in Halle, German Democratic Republic and first learned the traditional German trade as a pottery apprentice in Bürgel, Germany. She studied ceramics at the Michigan School of Art and Design USA and now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She makes narrative figurative pieces influenced by historical work such as Staffordshire and Meissen porcelain. Ostinelli & Priest (UK) are well known for their animal sculpture which draws on both domestic and wildlife subjects. Paul Priest formed a working partnership with Gaynor Ostinelli 12 years ago, he predominantly models the work, leaving Gaynor free to design and research the subjects, presentation and photography. Zahed Tajeddin (Syria) is influenced by ancient artefacts, archaeology and mythology. He has worked on many archaeological digs in the Middle East and Sicily. He works intuitively with clay and creates sculptural ceramic figures which he finishes with textures, and naturalistic patinas. Some have weathered surfaces which he creates with oxides and the artful use of glazes. Harm van der Zeeuw (Netherlands) trained in the ceramic industry where he gained an understanding of technical and chemical processes while developing an interest in ceramic art. A constant theme in his work is the influence of technology in society. His fantasy machines appear to be primitive and post-apocalyptic, while at the same time driven by humorous, mystical figures. 

Jason Walker (USA) was born in Pocatello, Idaho, and is currently a studio artist residing in Bellingham, Washington and Kona, Hawaii. He has taught and lectured at numerous places nationally and internationally, including the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China and the 

International Ceramic Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary. He creates figurative forms with highly illustrated narratives on porcelain and china. In his work he explores how technology has changed our perceptions of nature, culture, wilderness and civilization. Paul Young (UK) trained at Sheffield and Chesterfield College of Art in the late 1970s to early 1980s. His work is influenced by the traditions of English slipware and European folk art. He makes both thrown and figurative pieces which emulate the playful narratives of 18th century Staffordshire ware. Among the KILN FIRINGS will be: Frederick Olsen (USA) is cited as a legend amongst wood-firing potters. He has been designing and building specialty kilns around the world since the 1970’s. He is the author of THE KILN BOOK (1973) which is now in its fourth edition. He took part in the ICF in 2001 and returns in 2017 to collaborate with Alexandra Engelfriet. Alexandra Engelfriet (Netherlands) has worked with the formable materials of the earth: clay, sand, earth, silt and adobe for the past 20 years. She interacts with the material physically, using her whole body to create an intimate atmosphere between herself and the material that is visible in the final work. 

Sabine Classen (Germay) makes sculptural spherical forms which are currently inspired by the continuous movements of Celtic characters and patterns. The spatial trefoil knot forms a fundamental basis in her work. She creates the shape out of wire which she then fills with convex and concave surfaces, until a new shape arises. Chisato Kuroki (Spain) was born in Japan but has lived in Barcelona since 2004 after being inspired by the city as a young student. She is largely self-taught and has been working with clay since 1989; first making clay drums in Japan and running Gaia Drum workshops designed by Misato Fudo. She returned to Barcelona in 2004 and began experimenting with firing developing a paper kiln technique. She designed the FIRE MANDALA which allows for audience participation. MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Jim Robison was born and educated in the USA, he moved to Yorkshire in the early 1970s where he established Booth House Gallery and Studio. His work is usually slab built and slip decorated, including large-scale sculpture and architectural ceramics. He enjoys an experimental approach to making, often combining personal construction techniques with unusual surface textures, multiple layers of clay and colourful glazes. All pieces are reduction fired in a gas kiln. Jim is an elected Fellow of the British Craft Potters Association and former Chair of the Northern Potters Association. Ingrid Murphy is the Director of the BA Hons Ceramics Course at Cardiff School of Art & Design, UWIC. Ingrid’s own practice explores the perception of space through the use of trompe l’oeil and perspectival devices. Initially selected for the first Contemporary Ceramics show at the V&A, Ingrid’s work is now nationally and internationally exhibited and she has won both the Glamorgan University Purchase Prize for Ceramics and the Fete Picasso ‘Prix Select’ in Vallauris, France. Ingrid has also undertaken research trips to South Africa and Zimbabwe as a Wales Arts International delegate. PRESIDENT Since 2013, our Honorary Festival President is the well-known Ceramics Historian, Lars Tharp. He studied prehistoric archaeology at Caius College, Cambridge, and later joined Sothebys, specialising in Chinese ceramics. In 1993 he left the auctioneers to set up his own company, Lars Tharp Ltd (, advising on all aspects of ceramics and on the acquisition, care and disposal of art in general. Lars broadcasts frequently on TV and radio; in 1986 he joined the Antiques Roadshow team and in the last few years he has made two films for the BBC on the subject of Chinese ceramics.

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