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A couple of opportunities for members to participate in exhibitions later in the year. 

Halesworth Gallery

At Halesworth Gallery we are having an Anglian Potters selling weekend from 22nd -24th September. We will have a PV on Friday 6.30 - 8.30 and then will be open all day on Sat and Sun. 10-5.

Potters will need to bring a table and be there to sell. If we give the gallery a small contribution (£10) and contribute something for PV they will be happy to let us get on with it as it is at the very end of their season. The gallery has no card machine, but there are several banks with a cashpoint in town.

Campervans  can be parked at Viv's, or tents erected on her grass to cut down on the commute for people who live a distance away. If anyone is interested please contact Viv at info@cowshedholidays.co.uk . There is space in the gallery for about 16 people.

Ickworth Wood Fair

I am delighted to tell you that Anton has finally managed to get hold of Rosie McVey, the new organiser at Ickworth, after much phoning, emailing, carrier pigeon, semaphore, smoke signals etc.

We have agreed on a cost to AP members of £63 ... just £5 more than last year. I trust that you will agree that this is still a very acceptable cost bearing in mind the number of visitors and the fact that we get tables and electricity piped round the marquees. Oh yes ...  'the marquees' we still have to put those up. However; it comes as second nature to us 'Ickworthians' who all know that spigot 7b does not fit into tube 4c (or is it the other way round? (Anton wrote this!)

Application form can be downloaded from here. Get them back to Anton asap or miss out! email to anton.todd@ymail.com or snail mail to Anton Todd,  4 Nelson Way, Mundesley, Norwich, NR11 8JD

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