Sudbury Summer Art Fair July 2nd to 8th 2018

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Sudbury Summer Art Fair July 2nd to 8th 2018

Members are invited to apply for selection for SSAF next year. Details of how to do this are below. This will be the biggest art exhibition in Sudbury all year, for professional artists and artisan craftspeople. Going through the selection process in no way obligates you to take part, you can decide that later, once you have looked at the application form and terms and conditions.

Some of you may have exhibited at the fair in previous years, but this is my first year as sole organiser and I am re-visiting every artist, and seeking new ones too, so do forgive me asking for this information.  I look forward to hearing from you,

Michele Webber (Organiser)

*Place availability! Selection is ongoing and will be finished by the end of this year. Approx half the screens and about 70% of the tables have already gone, there are plenty of plinths at the moment... but if you are interested please do not delay replying.*

To apply for selection please email with:

• A few jpeg images of the sort of work you wish to display, or a link to a web page with your work on.

• An idea of the sort of prices you charge.

• Where you have exhibited previously.

• How you frame or display your work.

I only need 3-4 pictures/one link and a few words about each of these, no need to write an essay, if I have questions I will ask you.


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