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Amongst potters and collectors there has been a long-standing appreciation of oriental glazes - particularly the celadon and tenmoku family of glazes.  Luckily contemporary potters can still enjoy exploring the wonderful qualities they provide.

So, to do this, I mix my own feldspathic glazes using traditional recipes that vary subtly whilst being attractive and hard wearing.  My celadon is a pale green, gained from small additions of iron whilst my tenmoku is rich in iron, giving a deep shiny dark glaze.

My pots are 'thrown' and 'turned' on a Leach style kick wheel set up in my garden studio.

The dried pots are 'bisque' fired before the glazes are applied and then 'reduction' fired in my down draught gas kiln to about 1280c

Having learnt throwing over 30 years ago I work to develop a contemporary take on classical forms that have flowing lines and a full sense of volume.  My chosen materials are now porcelain clay that becomes translucent at high temperatures and white Earthstone.

Over my time I have created ranges of functional items that are decorative, mostly for domestic and ceremonial use

Contact details:

Harvey Bradley

Harvey Bradley Pottery

56 Westwood Avenue Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 9RJ

Tel: 01502 450079

Mob: 07745903008

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Harvey Bradley Pottery

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