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Each of my pieces are unique and individually hand built.  I work with porcelain, stoneware, or a combination of both, making marks and impressed pattern into rolled out slabs of clay, with made or found tools. The pot is then built with sections from these slabs and fired.

Colour is included at all stages, with the use of oxides, slips, glazes (dolomite or barium) and precious – gold and platinum - and on-glaze lusters. Many are fired 3, 4 or sometimes 5 times.

I have worked as a potter since I left Art School in 1985, with my studio in Colchester. 

As a child I was fascinated by the ancient artefacts in our local museum and I find this has coloured my style and influenced the way my ceramic work has developed.  I also spent time with my late father while he worked as a bespoke tailor, giving me an understanding of texture and pattern and a textile like way of building in clay.

William Morris was also an early inspiration to me, and the gardens at the museum I found so stunning that this is reflected in much of the work here on display.

Over the past 30 years my work has been included in many exhibitions throughout the UK and internationally.  Highlights include: A collection bought by Liberty’s, London; exhibitions in the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh; Cecilia Coleman Gallery, St. John’s Wood, London; The Crypt-St Paul’s, the Barbican as well as shows in France, Germany and the USA, with a large collection of ‘coffee and tea sets’ ordered for Saudi Arabia.

As a potter you feel you know what you are making, but things can change dramatically from when they go in a kiln to when they come out after firing. Nothing is ever quite as expected, there is always a surprise when the kiln door opens and the contents shine back at you...

I am happy to work to commission

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Pam Schomberg Ceramics

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