Ruth Gillett

2017 to date

I have been working on my new crystaline glazes for about 10 months now.  I have been working hard to refine my processes and formula to get exactly the result I want.

My second research thread this year is shino's and ash glazes.  

It might seem like these 2 threads are as far apart as you can get, but to me they are both about setting the stage with the pot and the chemistry and letting the heat bring the magic.  Its very exciting to work hand in hand with with extreme heat as a partner.

2016 Progress Report

I ended 2015 with an intensive glaze chemistry course.  Matt Katz blew my mind.  I bought a more reliable kiln and worked on a high manganese glaze.  Towards the end of 2016 I switched to investigating crystaline glazes.  They are addictive and I am addicted.

2015 Progress Report,

This year I have been working on alternatives to the usual glazed finish.  I have used the new to me raku kiln to do horsehair firings from scratch at home.  I have been working on the deliberate application of the horsehair rather than a random scattering. 

I have continued a pot camp project to use the raku kiln and a carbonising agent in a reduction atmosphere to get a deep black unglazed finish to pots and the lids of horsehair pots.  I am aiming for the iridescent finish seen on Mexican black on black pots. 



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